Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Money Tree


The stone rimabalzava, fast, on the water, seemed to defy the laws of nature, floating on the water, as if it had weight.
Light as a thought, a feeling, a feeling. Losing speed
its nature asks why fatigue is kept on the water surface
...... to no avail, his fate is already written.
now seems to stand still a moment and disappear, swallowed by the water, lost among the light waves.
Remember a little life, a fast start, full of enthusiasm,
..... Gradually loses its strength and its nature slow, inertia decreases,
water slide on which is the whole.
What surrounds us, what sustains us, light and ephemeral, iconsistente, just water ..
Thus, the destiny we share it, the water struggling to hold the weight and you go down ,.... thoroughly.
But nothing prevents us to launch another, ... and another, until we
arm strength, strength in the heart .... ....
Force! A beautiful launch e. \u200b\u200b.........


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